Academic Awards


(a) The Diploma in Philosophy and Religious Studies is granted internally by Spiritan Missionary Seminary to all those who complete satisfactorily the three year course of studies offered by the Seminary and who fulfil criteria above.
(b) The grade for the Diploma is determined by the average grade for all subjects taken over the three-year period, including the internal mark for the final oral and written comprehensive exam in philosophy.
(c) In computing the grade the three-year average counts for sixty percent (60%), and the oral and written comprehensives twenty percent (20%) each.


The grade assigned for the degree is determined by:
(a) The average of marks in all philosophical subjects for the three years.
(b) The mark achieved in the written comprehensive exam at the end of the final semester.
(c) The mark agreed upon by the three examiners in the oral comprehensive exam.
(d) All these marks together with the written comprehensive paper are forwarded to the affiliated University for final evaluation.

Affiliated to the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, CUEA