Board of Examiners


The Baccalaureate examination is conducted by a board of examiners in accordance with the procedures laid down in the Academic Handbook.

Examiners for the Baccalaureate examinations are appointed by the Department of Philosophy. The Rector is an ex-officio examiner.


Each student is required to take part in two philosophical seminars; one in the second and the other in the third year. Each seminar carries 2 credits.

A seminar is a place for discussion in depth on a certain theme or personality in philosophy. It may involve a classroom presentation and written work. A professor supervises the work of the seminar and in the end assigns a grade appropriate to the work done.

A student who registers for and begins a seminar must finish it. If a student misses three or more sessions without a valid formal excuse the seminar is rendered invalid.

The program of the seminars is flexible and will be announced at the beginning of the academic year by the Vice Rector Academic. Topics are proposed by the lecturers responsible, and may vary from year to year.

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