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Cultural Day


Drums in the plays, steps of stylish dances, faces behind crude but stunning masks, whistles and shouts of joy, and a tantalizing aroma of traditional dishes all made the long awaited Cultural Day beautiful, colorful and exceptional.

French-Speakers from Congo, Mauritius, Cameroon, Burundi and Seychelles cheering after performing “Bikutsi” dancing style

The Spiritan Missionary Seminary Community celebrates the Cultural Day. This is evident of an ideal African thinker, ever remembering our roots, wherefrom we are born, raised and forged to what we are today.

The aura of cultures and their wealth was, on this great day, felt all over and all around. Every soul was joyous anticipating every good moment of the memorable encounter. The differences made not chaos but a gleam of harmony one can hardly forget.

With unrelenting drive brothers from Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Seychelles lived their culture in costume, cuisine, and stage performances, drama, dance as well as verbal demonstrations. The diversity unified the whole to even hold fast stronger.

The Mozambicans posing after performing their “xigubo” dancing style
Representatives from “Mkubuko” a combination of tribes having few members in SMS 
Luo Tribe from Kenya performing “Luo Kitwa gitembewa” Style
Guests enjoying “Ndafu” prepared by Chagga community in SMS

It was beautiful being served with African traditional dishes and brews. Mbege, the traditional brew of the Chagga of Tanzania, and the wine of Ugandan brothers would have so many friends. Also the various meaty, leafy, roots as well as sea foods were in the same manner endowed with a flock of likes and followers.

It was a successful feat and we received applaud from visitors as well as lecturers. They all appreciated the great initiative of the institute. Of course many confessed having not seen it done anywhere else. We celebrate Africa. Long live SMS.

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Andy Ndunda
2 years ago

Watching out for the next one, guess mid November 2020. The amazements will keep your eyes rolling