There are about Twelve Thousand and one hundred  (12,100) books on the shelves. A total of Periodicals are 2372, different file notes from the professors in the Institute are 220, Cassettes and CDs 140, in the store 1841.

TOTAL OF ALL BOOKS WHICH WE HAVE IN THE LIBRARY ARE 14673 PLUS 140 CASSETTES AND CDS. They are divided according to subject matter following the Dewey Decimal system. These are books which may be borrowed using student’s personal library borrowing card. To borrow a book, a student must have read the regulations, have accepted the regulations, and his institute pay a fee for his borrowing card.


All dictionaries, encyclopedias, Biblical Commentaries and such like are of their nature REFERENCE. This means that they cannot be removed from the library, for any reason, at any time. If some books are in great demand for a course they may be declared temporarily reference by the professor or librarian. This is to ensure that everyone has a chance to consult the book.


These are allocated to individual students to use and to care for until the end of the semester. These may be Dictionaries, Jerusalem Bibles, French Text Books and the like. These may be kept in the students’ room or classroom but is the responsibility of the individual student. If the book is damaged or not returned at the end of the semester, the student must pay for a replacement.

  • Office: 1 ( technical section)
  • Work Room + Store: 2. (archival)
  • Seminar Room: None

Main Library: 2

                     1. General stark/general collection and readers section

                     2.  Reference books, e-book, issue desk and readers section

  • Catalogue Space:  Computer and Books
  • Archive Reserve: 2 Rooms
  • Number of Books and Their Relevance: 9422
  • Number of Periodical: 1972
  • System of Classification:  Dewey Decimal Classification System( DDC)
  • Hours of Operation: 11(See the Timetable)
  • Sitting Capacity: 82
  • Cloakroom: 1 outside In the Veranda


  • NEVER underline, mark or write on any library book in any manner whatsoever.
  • NEVER turn down the corner of a page to mark your place.
  • Do NOT drop, throw, push or handle books roughly.
  • SILENCE should be observed in the library at all times.
  • Do not handles the books if your hands are dirty.
  • RETURN books promptly when they are due.
  • It is forbidden to even think of taking books home during the holidays.
  • Do not returns books to the shelf after use. That is librarian’s job.

There library is the center of our academic programme. It is a well-designed and stocked library. We continue to add new books every month. We spend ten thousand dollar on the library every year. It is our library; we should be proud of it and cooperate in keeping everything is good condition.

It belongs to those of the past who have used it, those of the present who use it and to future generations who will continue to benefit from it. A book should last for a hundred years. Please cooperate with the librarians so that we can all use the books with a maximum of profit to all.

The permanent Librarian & IT Br. Simon Alfred Kimayan has full authority to enforce the rules of the library concerning  Developing the library management system Koha, care and borrowing of books. The students assisting her are also responsible to follow and enforce the regulations.
Fr. Andrew Mwania Chief Librarian.

Affiliated to the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, CUEA